🔊 ‘It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out, it’s the pebble in your shoe’ Muhammad Ali.

I love this quote on many levels both on a mental and business level.

Small business issues over time become substantial. When it comes to mental energy/endurance etc. it’s like your body, you have a finite amount. You also have multiple voices, positive and negative. The one that wins, is the one you listen to, DAILY. 

I’ve always believed that success starts with the thoughts in your head. 

💥 Those thoughts turn into beliefs

💥 Those beliefs turn into actions

💥 Those actions define who you are

That pebble/voice in your head will determine where you will end up. 

❤️Never underestimate the power of your thoughts

How does this relate to Business?

Looking at this quote and how it relates to business. These pebbles are akin to what is considered a small business issue e.g. in a process/it system/team.

Small enough to stay under the radar and do nothing about it. However this is just 1 business issue, what about all the other small business issues? They all accumulate over time and the consequence of not solving these business issues will lead to substantial problems.

Have you ever had a Chronic Cough?

These are like a chronic cough, the 1st cough won’t do much damage… But if you cough every few minutes or every hour of the day, this becomes chronic over time. It’s the same with these business issues.

And I’ve actually proven this time and time again with my clients. That is the cost of unsolved problems over time can be detrimental to the business. In fact, I worked with a client a few years ago. I was brought in to build a strategy to scale their business to move into new markets.

After I completed an assessment the accumulated cost and effort of their internal business issues was substantial. If I moved forward with the scale strategy their business issues would have scaled too. When reaching a critical mass that could have proved very destructive. These issues are all around you. Care must be taken to ensure that these pebbles don’t prove destructive for your business over time. Continually looking for and removing these pebbles is fundamental for success and also not allowing them to nurture and grow.

It’s very easy to accept 1 business issue

⛔️Then you accept another

⛔️And another

⛔️And over time you have all these little pebbles all over your business in every area

BE RUTHLESS in the elimination of these issues

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I’d love to help