🔊So we are in the final quarter. One thing you can be sure of
⌚️Time stops for no one⌚️
It keeps moving forward and I’m sure you will say there is never a good time to get started on something
So, guess what?
Just start💪 and if you haven’t already, NOW is the perfect time to get moving forward on your Strategy for the year that’s just around the corner👀
There is still so much happening around the world. On a global scale things that will impact us, not just now, but in 12 months and 24 months. The global domino effect
We have become very reliant on global systems. Which is both good and bad…
✅Good when things are going well
⛔️Bad when they are not

💥NOW is a great time to assess what you can do next year
🚀What your vision should include and therefore Strategy

💥NOW is a great time to spend a day with your teams. A day to start building your Strategy to support your vision

Build out the scenarios
What does a good year look like❓
What does a breakeven year look like❓
What does a not so good year look like❓
What does a Crisis year look like❓

What are the chances of each of the above happening?

Then, how do you
1. PROTECT your business
2. Ensure your business performs even while the market is not

This is all possible..
Through proper planning and execution

Most importantly, bringing your teams on this journey with you

A do it yourself activity

A team thing. If you want your business to WIN. Ensure your TEAMS WIN too

Shared goals and shared values. Businesses should operate like a strong family do

That are based on strong relationships

So how are your STRATEGIES developing for 2023?
Please share I’d love to hear

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