🔊How many strategies do you have in your Business? If you say more than 1 you could be in trouble

I got a great question during the week. Where does the sales strategy fit into the business strategy❓and while it’s easy to use the word strategy in a very lose manner
🚀There is ONLY 1 strategy in your business and that is your Business Strategy. Everything you do under the hood, should be aligned to achieve that strategy. That Business VISION

The strategy will always have a sales element to it
Along with
✅Supply Chain were relevant
And the rest…

While it’s very easy to use the word Strategy loosely. It’s also very easy to go off track during the course of a long year and forget your purpose

This is WHY it is crucial to align everything. Not just at the commencement of a strategy but all the way through execution

Yes it’s ok to change course, but that has to be a business decision and again, to have everything follow accordingly

The only way you can measure effectively in your business. Is to start with a plan, based on your current best understanding on how to deliver on your strategy

You NEVER get this right 1st time. So the goal is to CLOSE THE GAP. That will involve course correction, and sometimes a lot

If your strategy is to scale into you a new demographic. You shouldn’t be upping your efforts in sales where you currently are

If your business areas are not aligned and executing according to the strategy
You can’t measure effectively and discover
✅What worked well
⛔️What didn’t work well
🌀 What do you need to do differently
To close the GAP between where you are
And where you need to be

Strategy should be a daily activity in your business
Not a once off exercise

Keep everything aligned in your business and
🚀Ensure there is only 1 Strategy 🚀
That ALL areas work towards

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