🔊 Sales is hard enough at the best of times, so why add Sales Problems to the mix

Over the years, I’ve worked with many sales and marketing teams and I always encounter the same sales problems

💥So part of process centres around solving these problems

Myself and my good friend Jason Cooper actually did a live event on this recently it’s that important to tackle. Iit will impact your bottom line – substantially.

The goal in sales is clearly to get sales conversions, do it as effectively as possible and to achieve that is to move seamlessly through every step of the sales funnel.

🔊I always talk about creating a systematic sales funnel, move away from the typical bloated funnel, which drives down your cost of sales – substantially. The problems I discuss in the video leave you with a bloated funnel. 

The most costly funnel I’ve worked with was where: 95% of the funnel activity didn’t lead to a sale and of the 5% that did, only 3% were with a valuable client. That is a lot of wasted effort and these top 5 sales problems play a substantial part in this wasted effort.

There is a clear relationship with the size of your sales problems and the % sales conversions you get.

The bigger the sales problems, the lower the conversions

The smaller the sales problems, the higher the conversions

So the less sales problems you have the better. While this list could you ‘as long as your arm’, the ones that are common across all the customers I work are 

⛔️Not Sharing best practice with your colleagues

⛔️Relying too much on software

⛔️Contradictory targets between Sales & Marketing teams

⛔️Not defining what a ‘Lead’ means for your business


I may have put training last, but guess what. Strong training can mitigate all these sales problems when done correctly and that starts at induction as soon as you have people join the team but it doesn’t stop there.

I always say train them before you blame them. Teach them ‘Your BEST way’ of doing sales for your business.

🔥This is all about continuous learning and continuous application of what is learnt. Keep testing and tweaking until you’ve hit the sweet spot.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I’d love to help

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