🔊Do you ever wonder about how to close a sale? When I was young in my sales career I read everything you could about the sales tactics to close a sale👌

I was robotic in my implementation, did everything by the book. Would you be surprised to know

None of them worked❓Why❓

I discovered over time that 💥NOBODY likes to be closed💥 and when you think about it. You or I wouldn’t like to be closed. This got me thinking. How to close a sale without closing❓and it comes back to one single word


Back in my lean days value is one of the foundational principles that lean is based on. Many people believe lean is all about being efficient but that is the consequence not the goal.

Lean talks about Value from the customer’s perspective then what are the value steps and processes that will deliver that. From there, everything else is non value. The goal was then to eliminate or mitigate the non value as much as possible

I realised that to close a sale, was not value from the customer’s perspective. That was just for me with that 

✅I began to work on a value sales process from the customer’s perspective that is a BUYING process & how can I add value before the sale.

✅I developed multiple mechanisms to achieve this over time and that is when I saw my conversions sky rocket.

💥Where to close a sale was a natural result of the prospect being so impressed with you

💥Giving them an amazing buying experience

In the video I share one of my favourite mechanisms that worked very well in my sector that is one of about 10 mechanisms I developed.

Remember – people are people. People appreciate trust and relationships. Show them you care about their goals not just yours. 🔥That is how to close a sale without closing a person

What are the mechanisms you can develop for your customers. So you can close a sale without closing

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I’d love to help

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