🔊So we are coming to the end of the year
People are pushing hard
Looking to finish the year strong

I’m hearing a lot of people talk about resilience
To be resilient

It has come up so much, I’ve asked people to explain what they mean by being resilient
The answer surprised me

People are talking about
⛔️Burning the midnight oil
⛔️Working around the clock
⛔️Operating on very little sleep
⛔️Working 7 days a week (I do this but will explain later)

That type of work ethic, may be the cool thing to boast about in Silicon Valley
But to what expense?

This is NOT what I believe resilience to be
This IS Stress
That will undoubtedly lead to burnout should you keep that pace up

And I know this, because I’ve been there.
And I will never go there again

Resilience for me is made up of a few key components
✅Learning your pace
Know what speed you can go, that is not full speed as in pedal to the metal. Finding a pace that you can cruise along without having substantial impacts

✅Managing Intensity
Sometimes work is relaxing, sometimes it’s intense and that’s ok. When it’s always intense, it can be hard to relax in the evening times, therefore hard to sleep. This is not conducive for long term energy management. Creating strategies to relax are important. My favourite is resonance breathing and some light reading. This also leads into the next point.

✅Learning to take breaks
A big element of resilience is recharge. Especially when work is consistently intense
Take regular breaks and more so when doing intense work
The ability to switch off and that also means have a time where you STOP

✅Do purposeful work
Or do your work purposefully. Whatever you do, it’s important to be doing something that has strong purpose behind it. Sometimes that means doing activities that are not always exciting, however when you know there is a goal behind it, you have the discipline to get it done

While it’s ok to push for short bursts of activity, be mindful of the impacts over time.
And learn to how to sustain the pace for the long term

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