🔊So what’s the point in having time if you don’t have the🔥ENERGY❓
This is a question I posed to some of my colleagues during the week
Who were confusing RESILIENCE with ‘burning the midnight oil’

Last week I wrote about resilience, and being resilient is all about maintaining energy
Because if you can’t maintain energy, what’s the point in having time❓

And when you have no energy… you will have time..
But that time will be doing something your mind and body forced you to do

And I know this well.. I’ve been there
I have burnt out and I will never go there again

Yes I work hard, I train hard… but I RECHARGE hard too
Is it always balanced❓
Absolutely not
But I abide by principles so I always get back to baseline

I have
✅Trigger related
Non negotiables
✅Food related
✅Health related

And most importantly I’ve become acutely aware of my energy dynamic and stress at any given time
This is all about protection
Protecting energy,  however more importantly, health❤️

Did you know your energy dynamic changes throughout the course of the day?
Did you know that different dynamics can be conducive for different types of work?
Why does this matter?

The more you spend your time doing activities that suit your energy dynamic at that time
🚀The more productive and effective you will be
🚀The less stress you will accumulate

I have discovered that I have 3 / 4 main energy patterns

Patterns that are conducive for
⏩Admin work
⏩Collaborative work
⏩Creative work

I pay close attention to these patterns and where I can match the work type to suit
Is it always possible…?
But I do it when I can

And the 4th pattern
Well, that’s for doing nothing
To Recharge and mostly, my brain will default to that when it needs to
🔊And I listen🔊

How do you manage your 🔥energy🔥?

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