⏰ Time
It’s undoubtedly a precious commodity, 

 🔥But what’s the point in having TIME when you have NO ENERGY?  🔥

It’s a truth often overlooked in the pursuit of productivity.

🌟 Energy
My practice of Energy Management, both physical and mental, has been such a powerful journey.
I set myself audacious physical goals along with pushing my mental boundaries.

🛣️ Reverting back to Previous lessons
📚Lesson #9 I’ve embedded myself in the learnings to accomplish both.
Have I perfected it?
Not even close, as stated in 
📚Lesson #7 direction is more important than speed.
However I’ve immersed myself in it and I use these challenges as my vehicle to learn the limits of both my physical and mental outputs.
And when I learn these limits, my goals is then to increase them
In a controlled way.
📝 There’s always more to do, but not everything can be a priority.
It’s a lesson etched through multiple wake-up calls.

💡Using the WRONG Energy 
I used to believe I had to be hyper to attain a focused mindset. 
However, I discovered through burnout the consequence it had on my body 
Heart disease along with grade 3 hypertension
Many excel at training the body, but training the brain hasn’t come to the same pitch yet

🔄 Routines
Developing good routines is the cornerstone—
🌄 Morning
🌆 Nighttime, and 
 🤯 Trigger rituals 
That set the tone for sustained focus and energy throughout the day.

🤔 Learn the Nuances of performance—
Understand the difference between Optimal, Maximum, and Peak performance.
It’s ok to push to maximum for a short period, that is Peak. 
However ensure you return to the pace you can sustain for the long term, Optimal

🌴 And a gentle reminder:
Take time out.
The world, and even your business, won’t collapse in a few weeks. 
Recharging is not a luxury; 
It’s a necessity for long-term sustainability.

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