Every Friday I’m going to be talking about goals / challenges

I believe they form part of the Human condition, 
And the foundations for a successful and happy life. 

And the emotion ‘Happy’ is always high on my agenda,
It took me time and research the neuroscience of it, to truly understand this emotion.

And I believe being happy is about overcoming challenges, sometimes adversity.
🔥I used to believe I liked pain, as I always put myself in painful situations
Business wise, physical endeavours

But I discovered, the pain of staying still, was worse than any pain or adversity I had to overcome 

⚙️I’ve developed my own 7 STEP method for achieving goals#
And ironically, it’s very similar to  how I supports my client’s success
Just packaged a little differently

⏩Over the coming months, I will be breaking down the goal achievement process
And I say achievement, as goal setting doesn’t focus on journey or end result
And that’s why I believe, many people fail
It’s easy to set goals and be motivated in the beginning.

It’s what you do when the going gets tough and your back is against the wall

💪And how you #keepmovingforward

And that’s not to say you put yourself in danger, like I’ve done in the past.
There is a dark side to goals, and I’ve had my share of these, up close and personal
It’s about taking a balanced approach to goals in multiple areas of your life

🚀I will also share some of my goals, for a few reasons
It helps me stay accountable, again when the going gets tough
But also to share a mechanism of how you can take a systematic approach to building success
Becoming the architect of your success.

I hope this will stimulate your ability to overcome adversities and achieve goals
⏩ Join the Conversation – What goals or challenges have you set yourself for the year ahead?  
#futurestateacademy #systemsthinking