🔊67% of well-formulated strategies fail through poor execution.🔊 

That’s why a lot of businesses are not achieving their goals. Strategy planning is a crucial element to lead to strong execution

There are multiple elements to a successful strategy 

🚀Understanding where you are

🚀Building your moonshot vision

🚀Strong strategy planning & 

🚀Execution with military precision

If any of them are off, you won’t achieve your true potential and it’s easier said than done. Many of the big names, what used to be household names, got this wrong.




Moonshot Visions – Reach for the Stars

Moonshot visions set you on your journey, but like any journey, you have to plan the route. Strategy planning will break your moonshot vision down into key milestones. The goal here is to turn this vision into tangible chunks of work. This is an art in itself, strategic, not tactical and always remember it’s a TEAM THING. Don’t be doing this off in a room yourself, bring your team along this journey. I always feel it’s important to keep these chunks under 90 days. From experience, this is a key time to get your team to reconvene and keep them motivated and momentum moving.

So when your 1st milestone will take longer, break it down again and with that, define targets on a:


✅Weekly &

✅Daily when required

🎯 That will ensure you reach your milestone target 🎯

Will you get it 100% right?

Of course, you won’t

Bring your Team with you

But that’s not the goal of strategy planning, the goal is to get your team motivated and bought in

its plan, they automatically become accountable. Over the course of the 90 days, work on making the plan more efficient which we will focus on in the next video.

This plan should involve multiple streams of work and usually related to your



✅ Product/service


The key elements of a successful business:

  • Don’t just cross your fingers and leave things to chance
  • Predict success with strong strategy planning sessions
  • That led to execution with military precision

Don’t fall into the trap of skipping steps that some of the biggest brands in the world have done. You will succeed, but remember it’s a journey that requires continuous learning. 

If you have any questions, get in touch. I’d love to help