🔊Peak Performance is (or should be)the goal for business
That is Peak Performing
✅Business models

However before any conversation is held about what Peak Performance is.
It’s crucial to understand what Peak Performance is ⛔️NOT⛔️

When you read about leaders talking about operating on 4 hours sleep, along with working 14/16 hour days, switch off and leave them to it, that’s not a sustainable model for success.

Setting the foundations for Peak Performance requires you to weed out strategies that can have serious consequences over the long term. And I say long term, as that is the goal, a rate of performance that you can rinse and repeat
🎯Day in day out
🎯Week in week out
🎯Month in month out
🎯Year in year out

We can call get trapped in the ILLUSION of Peak or High Performance, thinking certain habits will get us far, impress our leaders, surpass our colleagues. It’s easily done.

⛔️Burning The Midnight Oil
When YOU push hard for long hours at high levels consistently, you will eventually become overworked and stressed, leading to burnout. This will have negative effects on both personal and professional lives, and will lead to decreased productivity and motivation over time.

⛔️Short Term Thinking
It’s easy to focus solely on short-term goals and results, rather than considering the long-term impact of your decisions. Tactical thinking is of no use without a strategic lens guiding it.

⛔️Compromising Ethics or Values
And leading on from the last point, when pushing for high performance at all costs, unethical behavior becomes a risk, such as cutting corners or compromising on values, to achieve short term goals.

⛔️Compromising your life outside of Work
When you are constantly pushing for high performance, it’s difficult to maintain a work-life balance. This can have a substantial  impact on your personal relationships and overall well-being.

⛔️Leaving no time for Creativity
It’s easy to get stuck in ‘DOING’ mode, thinking high performance = DO. This leaves little room for creativity and innovation and limits potential for growth and development with yourself and the business.

Yes at certain times, things can flex, and there maybe requirements to work long hours, that’s ok, it’s give and take, however it can’t be all take.

Doing any or multiple of the above will have substantial consequences for both you and business alike.
It’s a Loose Loose situation.

As I said already, we can all get trapped in the illusion as to what contributes to high performance, its human nature. So it’s crucial to understand the distinction between the different lens of Peak Performance, what it is, and what it’s not. All the above will lead to POOR Performance over time and not PEAK.

So which of the above do you find yourself getting trapped in❓

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