🔊So Strategy doesn’t work Shay😲 This is a message I hear a lot and I get it.

Strategy is tough, It’s a process, not just a point in time. Strategy is something you do
🚀Every day of every week
🚀Every week of every month
🚀Every month of every year
🚀Not just by you
🚀Also by all your team members

It’s continuous, there is no end to it and this is where a lot of the problems stem from. It can become exhausting

In reality, Strategy is a commitment to your

And that commitment is centred around protection and growth. So when you begin a strategy process. You must give it every chance of success. You must commit

But you where you do you start❓

I’ve been sharing a lot of information about the process of Strategy over the last number of months and it’s exactly that.. ⚙️A PROCESS /  A SYSTEM⚙️

It’s not a 1 off activity at a point in time. Once you step on the journey, you must stay on it to meet those commitments above

As I said, it’s tough. However, when you have your MISSION and VISION aligned
❤️It’s a journey worth pursuing

Over the years of working with clients, there are a number of pitfalls I see repeating themselves. This list is not exhaustive, they are the most common from my experience

The TOP 5 I discuss in this video are:
⛔️Not Bringing the team along with you
⛔️Not offering enough space for execution / resource limitation
⛔️Being too rigid along the journey
⛔️Not enough competencies within the business to drive a strategy forward
⛔️Not having a strategy

Have you had any experiences with these?

If you have any questions on strategy, please get in touch, I’d love to help

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