🔍 GOALS: Yes Goals are Difficult 
And when you set Goals, you have great intentions to achieve them. 
See has humans, we are great at setting goals for future times .

✅This is classic willpower in action! 

 🤾‍♀️Simple example, before you got to bed, you set the alarm so you can get up 1 hr early to get that run in. 
Then the morning comes, you keep hitting that snooze button.. 
Sound familiar? 
(I have a great solution for this btw – check the comments)

And this is why goals can be difficult and people wonder why they can’t achieve anything.  

💥In fact, our brains will work against us! 
It will tell us that it’s too hard, there’s no way you can do it so don’t try 
Take it easy
And guess what? we do !

🌀And that’s compounded through how we live our lives today! 
We are so busy doing the do, the last thing you want after a hectic day with work and family is to do something else that’s going to challenge you !

Bottom line, our brain doesn’t want us to do hard things when it doesn’t need to, and I stress the word NEED !

👊🏻When we NEED to do something, nothing will stop it!

⏩Coupled with that, your brain AND body has to given the right fuel, so you give your body and brain the best chance of making healthy & productive decisions. 

👀I know this one very well. I have lots of food sensitivities, and I’ve discovered most vegetables don’t like me .

So even when I think I’m being healthy, eating the wrong food can leave me with a cloudy head, fatigued and sore knees. 
Do you think I can make good, productive decisions in that condition? NOPE! 

And finally, relying on willpower and motivation alone, will only get you to the races, they won’t keep you there. 
Especially when you consider the previous points. 

🎯So building foundations are crucial to ensure you stick with this 

⏩ Join the Conversation – What goals or challenges have you set yourself for the year ahead?   
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