🔍 GOALS: Yes you need to build Foundations
Last week I touched on the subject of how the brain can work very differently when it’s driven by NECESSITY
The question is when it comes to your goal is,
❓Do you posses a compelling NEED to achieve this?
This answer could take a while to come!

This requires some introspection,
So consider asking a few additional questions

⏩ Does this goal align with your BELIEF system?
⏩ Does this goal resonate with your VALUES?
⏩ Will your goal give you PURPOSE?

Upon deeper reflection, you might realise that your current goal doesn’t quite align,
And that’s perfectly okay, because you have choices.

You can opt to evolve your beliefs, values, or purpose,
Recognising that this is a nuanced process, that isn’t black or white,
Chose a goal that aligns more seamlessly with who you are.

Take beliefs, for instance – often, we mistake intentions for beliefs.
We have belief intentions!

Our words may express one thing, but our actions may communicate something different.
Similarly, when it comes to purpose, it’s not just about wanting to do something;
✅There must be a profound NEED driving it.

Consider those who smoke who want to quit –
They probably don’t want to quit, they enjoy it;
They need a purpose, perhaps tied to their values (current or evolved) and the desire for better health.

⌚️And then the contradiction of time,
We always run out of time,
We never have time for new things and it becomes our excuse!

Guess what, we always have time.
We make times for the priorities in our life.
We our priority driven creatures!
Our daily actions demonstrate our current priorities.

When you have a compelling NEED, coupled with a defined purpose,
Rooted in your beliefs and values,
💪You’ll find the time.
It may require some introspection, but it’s achievable!

This is why it’s paramount to contemplate deeply on your goals,
And meticulously build the foundations,
🚀Providing yourself with the optimal chance for success!
⏩ Join the Conversation – What foundations are you laying to achieve your goals? 
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