🔍 GOALS: Yes there is a DARKSIDE ! In our pursuit of success, it’s easy to become obsessed with the glittering allure of the shiny vision, THE OUTCOME. 
And with that, often forget to assess for any consequences that could be associated with the journey involved..
which leads into a discussion centred around the dark side of setting goals.
Something I’ve very familiar with.. 

My worst mistake was 2 fold
⛔Turning up to the starting line of a marathon recovering from the flu
⛔Being too stubborn to stop at any point and actually finishing it

The Consequence?
Ending up in hospital to correct a ruptured hernia
Being burnt out and out of running for a few months

If we can extend our gaze past that glittering allure, there a few critical areas worth consideration

⏩Pushing Too Far: 
As mentioned above, having too much fixation on the destination, 
Forgetting about the value of the journey itself. 
And sometimes at any cost!
Pushing too far can have many consequences,
While I ended up hospital, many have ended up much worse, going past the point of no return.

⏩Tunnel Vision:
Become totally obsessed by your goal.
While obsession can be positive on many levels.. 
It’s crucial to consider how this obsession impacts all the other valuable areas of your life.
And obsession can easily become an escape, a safe place.. 
That’s ok, it that pursuit is your life goal.
However, what about your

As we become consumed by our goals, other areas of our life often suffer in silence. 
If there are other valuable areas of your life to consider,
💥 Be mindful of the long-term consequences. 

While flexing your time in pursuit of your goals is great and powerful for a period of time,
It’s crucial to maintain a view across all facets of life. 
They are interconnected, and will have a consequence, for a good or bad.

Why is this essential?
✅Sustained Focus: 
Maintaining focus on all these areas ensure that you will come back to that baseline at some stage.
In fact, in can be useful to set complimentary goals in these areas so a strong focus is maintained.

✅Continuous Improvement: 
Embracing the interplay between our goals and our broader life catalyses continuous improvement.
What energy we generate in 1 area will compliment the others.

❤️This all makes way for a better and more fulfilling life.

⏩ Join the Conversation – What dark sides have you experienced in your pursuit of goals? 
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