“Far and away the best prize in life is a chance to work hard at work WORTH doing.”

I love this quote from Theodore Roosevelt, while it is not a business quote, it resonates with me. I always talk about the Pareto Law, the 80 20 Rule. This explains that the 20% of work you’re doing will lead to 80% of results. 

And in relation to customers, what is that 20%?

Building a business strategy has to be based on building a service that resonates with your customers. Not just any customers – The Vital Few, as the Pareto Law describes, the 20%.

💥 Those customers have to WIN for you, just as much as you WIN for them. 

Getting that sweet spot isn’t always straightforward. It takes time, when you find those customers, you truly have work WORTH doing. 

And you may say 20% of customers, that doesn’t sound like a lot!?

When I had my 1st business, I had an amazing mentor, who has sadly passed away now. There was one thing he kept on saying. Over the course of the coming years, you will find 7 customers/connections who will give you most of your business. In the proceeding years, with lots of knocking on doors, he wasn’t far wrong. 

I discovered 5

✅3 were loyal, repeat customers.

✅2 were connections who could see that I could solve people’s problems. They, in turn, had lots of contacts who needed problems to be solved. 

Were they doing this for the good of their health? 

They connected good matches together. In the end, they got many of their colleagues thanking them for getting their problems solved. 

That is where I learned the value of the referral (a story for another blog post). This really motivated me to continue to do great work with great clients, which defines the best prize of life. 

💥 The work that is WORTH doing 💥

The Pareto law was the guiding factor, being able to sift out the value clients and the value connections.  This motivated  me to deliver great value to receive great value in return, the Win-Win

Whatever you do in life or business, ensure you are doing something WORTH doing. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch! I’d love to help!