🔊 Do you know what your MISSION is❓After my last video I got some questions about building a mission

See its very easy to get lost 👀 You get stuck in the thick of it. Firefighting and forget to work on your business and then you forget
❤️WHY you are doing it – Your MISSION, your PURPOSE❤️

This is not uncommon, I’ve been there too. That’s ok..
💪At some stage though, you have to drag yourself out. So you can look on what you’re doing and are you still working towards your Mission❓

Unfortunately when I ask my colleagues and clients this. The answer isn’t always the 1 they want to hear

They get too busy and let business drive them as opposed to. Them driving the business

It’s so easy to happen. All it takes is 1 phonecall or 1 email to change the course of your day and possibly week.

Being able to pull yourself out, takes hard work and discipline
⛔️The consequence of you not doing it is going off track and then Groundhog Day happens every day

✅The mission starts with building a MISSION STATEMENT. Building it with your team(s). This takes time, it’s not a desktop exercise

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve signed off on the statement
🚀It’s about living it and your team(s) living it. If you don’t do that, why bother?

This is what you turn to when your back is against the wall and question

Am I living my Mission❓Is the Mission still relevant❓What should I do next❓

So what’s my Mission❓ What the video👌

So what is your MISSION. I’d love to know ❤️

If you have any questions, get in touch. In the meantime have a great day

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