“Don’t be afraid of failure, you only have to be right once”

I came across this quote this morning. It resonated with me on many levels.

When I started out in business, I had no clue of how to

  • run a business
  • develop sales systems
  • build a team
  • develop customer service
  • and all the rest… 

I messed up many more times than I care to imagine. But guess what, any time I messed up, I learnt one new way of how not to do things. Which got me 1 step closer to designing a professional business strategy that will be right.  

No matter what you do, whether you are learning to ride a bike, play the piano, drive a car, or build a relationship. You are going to have to learn by doing and learn through failure. Doing business is no different, so don’t be afraid of making mistakes, Just fail fast and recover quicker. 

Many businesses look to perfect something before they do something, that is the quickest route to failure. 

Plan failure into the business process, the Failure/Feedback model is one of the most important in the business process. 

The best example I can give you is on this Microsoft Office. They would always release products with lots of bugs in Beta form. Their customers were able to give them the feedback they needed to improve the product. Because of this, they were able to release a product version to a market sooner. Also, they could Iterate the product in real-time which fixed the issues their customers cared about. And ultimately they Saved substantial costs, time, and resources in development.

Don’t be afraid and embrace failure, rather be afraid not to try.